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by Stephen R. Van Schoyck, Ph.D.

I learn a lot by listening to my patients. I have heard from too many patients about the difficulty of buying clothes for their unique size and shape. It is an emotional story of feeling ashamed about themselves and their body. Picking clothes becomes another reminder of what they are doing wrong. Here's what one of them recently told me what it feels like to find clothes that fit her unique size and shape:

"Clothes shopping isn't supposed to feel like this. It's supposed to be fun. Instead, I dread it. I am having trouble feeling comfortable in my own skin, let alone picking clothes to fit a shape that I haven't yet decided is mine to keep. I hate my big thighs and hope to find clothes that help me hide them. If the pants fit my waist, they are too tight in my thighs. If I go to a larger size, it's like I suddenly grow giant legs with bell bottoms. If I am lucky enough to find something in my size, I may not like the style. If it's my size, I try it on cautiously, only to find it's tight or baggy here or there. It's like the clothes were made for somebody more fit, shapely, and sexy than me, and trying them on only measures what I have done wrong."

Here is how clothes shopping is supposed to feel for everybody. You select clothes that reflect who you are - your moods, your values, your tastes in color and shape, who you want to be and who you want others to think you are. The clothes reflect the real you for all to see.

All of that is possible for a person of any size and shape with personalized clothing made just for you by MADE4ME. Can you imagine the relief of having clothes from designer styles that actually fit your exact shape and size! There is no disappointment, frustration, or sadness. No more trying on clothes made for women that don't exist. Your clothes are made to fit your contours - no more pulls or tugs in places that you don't want to be reminded of. It all fits, and you fit.

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