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In my 34 years of clinical experience, I have learned that people are far more capable of change than they realize. They change when they can make sense of both their thoughts and their feelings.

Many people have been taught to use their head, but not their heart to understand themselves. They often do not understand the powerful impact of human emotion on the mind and body.

My experience shows me that in order to truly grow and heal, people need to understand themselves differently to change. They also need to be respected for the knowledge that they already have.

I would like to help you learn more about your mind, thoughts, and feelings.

If you are the type that likes to learn on your own, I encourage you to read my articles. If you want to pursue psychotherapy with me, use the information on the website to contact me directly. My hope is that the knowledge you gain will help you change yourself and your relationships even more than you can imagine.

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